Let's get this party started.

First you'll need to make three double stranded yarn balls (or yarn cakes if you're using a yarn ball winder). I learned to wind a center pull yarn ball using my hands by watching this video. While she only uses one strand, the concept is the same for two strands. Take two of your main color yarn skeins and pulling the center pull string from both skeins start winding your yarn ball. Make two yarn balls from the two main color skeins, trying to make them as evenly sized as possible.

For the accent color, make one large yarn ball. To do this, you'll use both the center pull string and the outer string to make your double stranded center pull yarn ball. This is just as easy as having two skeins it just takes a little longer since you're using both ends of the skein.

ONE: Find the center pull strand and the outer strand and holding on to both ends, pull some slack out. You'll want to keep stopping and pulling more slack (or have someone helping you by pulling the slack out as you wind).
TWO: Anchor the two strands using your pinkie and ring finger. Do not lose track of these strands as this will become your center pull.
THREE: Begin winding around your thumb making sure to switch up the angle as you wind.
FOUR: Keep winding until your yarn ball gets to about the size of a peach, carefully slide the ball off of your thumb keeping the center pull secured by your pinkie and ring finger. Once it's off, continue winding your yarn ball until the entire skein is one big ball.

You should end up with three yarn balls as pictured above.
If you're wondering what we'll be doing with the third main color skein, we'll ultimately be rolling that in to a yarn ball the exact same way we did with the accent color skein we just don't have to do that until a little later on.

Place your three yarn balls in a basket in the same order as pictured above. With the first main color, pull the center pull of the yarn ball through one of the laundry basket holes. If you're not using a laundry basket, disregard this step.

Alright! On to the pattern/chart!

Reading a chart for tapestry crochet is much like reading a cross stitch chart in that each square represents one stitch. (The white squares around this chart are NOT part of the pattern.) My charts are meant to be read beginning from the bottom right corner and moving up. All odd rows are read from right to left and all even rows are read from left to right. If your chart is symmetrical, the direction in which you read it doesn't matter.

When you get to a color change, you finish your stitch with the NEW color. There are a couple of ways to execute a color change. Most crocheters, that I've seen, will carry or float the colors across each row. I don't like the look of "floating" or "carrying" your yarn so if I can avoid it, I will. That is the reason we're working with two main color yarn balls. This video shows how I change colors, I definitely recommend watching it. 

Let's start crocheting!

With your main color, chain 62

Row 1: Sc in the second chain from your hook, and then sc in every stitch across. (61 sc)

Row 2: Chain 1 and turn, single crochet in every stitch across. (61 sc, you should always have 61 sc in each row).

Rows 3-10: Repeat row 2

Row 11: Chain 1 and turn, sc in next 21 stitches. On the 21st stitch, finish this stitch with your accent color (see how to change colors image below). Sc with accent color in next 19 stitches, finish this stitch with the second main color yarn ball and sc in next 21 stitches.

Rows 12-14: Repeat row 11

Row 15: Chain 1 and turn, sc in next 21 stitches, then sc over accent color yarn for the next 7 stitches (see how to carry colors image below). Change to accent color and bring over the main color yarn on the left side of your work, sc in next 4 stitches. Finish the 4th stitch by bringing over the main color strands on the left side of your work (see how to carry colors image below). SC in remaining 29 stitches making sure to crochet over the length of yarn you pulled over as seen in the example above. NOTE: You will use this method for any time colors increase or decrease. You want to think of it as setting your yarn up for upcoming color changes, if that makes sense.

Row 16: Chain 1 and turn, sc in next 29 stitches, change to accent color and sc in next 4 stitches, change to main color and sc in next 28 stitches.

Row 17: Chain 1 and turn, sc in next 28 stitches, change to accent color and sc in next 4 stitches, change to main color and sc in next 29 stitches.

Rows 18-21: Chain 1 and turn, sc in next 21 stitches, change to accent color and sc in next 19 stitches, change to main color and sc in next 21 stitches.

Rows 22-25: Repeat row 2

Rows 26-29: Repeat rows 18-21

That's it for part 1! I hope these instructions were clear but if you are struggling with any part, please shoot me an email thefadedpineapple[at]gmail.com and I'll be happy to help.

Over and out.

Get you some.

Alright guys, here's what you'll need to make this blanket:

+3 skeins of medium size 4 worsted yarn (I am using Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn in Menthe)
+1 skein of medium size 4 worsted yarn (Same brand as above in the color Tropical Pink)
+A crochet hook size US N15 - 10 mm (I purchased mine from Joann's and the brand is Susan Bates but I can't find it online. I love this hook!)
+Tapestry or darning needle. I use this one and it works just fine. I like that the tip is angled as it helps me to pick up stitches easily to weave in my tails. If you have a different method to weave in your tails, you may stick with that!
+Plain ol' scissors


+Small laundry basket (if you don't have one, I wouldn't buy one unless you plan on making more tapestry crochet type things. We will only be working with 3 yarn balls at a time so as long as you having something to hold them, that's fine.)
+Yarn ball winder (I would only purchase this if you plan on making more tapestry crochet projects. Otherwise, you can totally use your hands to manually wind a center pull ball.)


If you don't have a Hobby Lobby near you, just get something of similar weight and size. The yarn I am using is 7 oz (or 199 grams) and is 355 yards (or 325 meters).

That's it! If you're a crocheter you probably have all of these items and just need some yarn. If that's the case, you should be able to make this blanket for around $16! Let me know if you have any question, otherwise, look out for the post with the first part of the blanket on Sunday!

Crochetalong, crochet along, crochet-along.

I decided to tweak this pattern ever so slightly and thought it would be a great beginner tapestry crochet blanket and perfect for my crochetalong (I still don't know if this should be one or two words or hyphenated, we're just going to stick with one word). Are you excited?! I LOVE this blanket. Here are some details:

+This blanket is crocheted using double stranded yarn.
+It is the perfect chunky, squishy, soft, blanket while still maintaining a lovely drape.
+This works up so quickly!
+I will include options to crochet the heart or the "o" if hearts aren't your thang. I get it. Us heart lovers will judge you silently.
+The dimensions are around 28x31. I can't find my measuring tape at the moment but I promise to post actual dimensions before we begin.
+I will be posting a supplies list on Friday!
+Which, with my yarn suggestions you should be able to make this blanket for around $16!
+ We will officially begin this crochetalong on Monday, April 25th, 2016. WOOT WOOT!

And now I'm off to narrow down my list of one million color combos for this blanket down to one. Sad face.

Let's party!

Guys, my shop is launching May 1st. I'm dying. I am so nervous but excited, it's very confusing. In honor of this momentous occasion, I want to host a crochet along. I would post a little bit of a pattern each week. Here's the catch (a small one, I promise!), it wouldn't be a full on instructional type crochet along. The type of crochet I use for my patterns is tapestry crochet (it could also fall in to the category of graphghans). So, I would release a little bit of the graph (also called a chart) each week. Not necessarily step by step instructions. BUT I plan to post videos and detailed pictures with tips and tricks to help you every step of the way. At the end of the crochet along I would post the full chart for free. WHAT.

I'm excited to do this. I have a pattern in mind, but whatever I decide, I promise it will be cute and easy to make. I'll post more information about this soon!

All the love.