How to make your blanket bigger. (And final thoughts about this pattern.)

Before the fix.
Turn your blanket so that the WRONG SIDE faces up. Proceed to the directions in the image below.

Row 1: SC in every CHAIN SPACE of this first row. Chain 1 and turn. 
Rows 2-8: Chain 1 and turn, SC in every STITCH (make sure you're not crocheting in to the chain space for the remaining rows) across.
To finish, after you make your last SC, chain one, cut a four inch tail and pull it through and tight to fasten it off. Weave in your tail.

The original HELLO blanket I made, I did add a border but I decoded not to for the second blanket. If you want to add a border, start in the middle of a row (the top or the bottom). SC all the way around your blanket making sure to sc three times in each corner and then slip stitch in to the first SC, tie it off and weave in your tail. When going down the sides of your blanket, make sure you have the same amount of SCs on each side.

Guys, we're done! HOO-FREAKING-RAY. What did you guys think? I mean, besides my mistake oh and the fact that we needed more yarn. Sigh. I still loved making this blanket and I'm already excited for my next one. As always, leave me any questions in the comments and if you post your work in IG please tag me so I can ooh and aah over your bad ass crocheting skills. Insert fist bump emoji.

Until next time,

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