Get you some.

Alright guys, here's what you'll need to make this blanket:

+3 skeins of medium size 4 worsted yarn (I am using Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn in Menthe)
+1 skein of medium size 4 worsted yarn (Same brand as above in the color Tropical Pink)
+A crochet hook size US N15 - 10 mm (I purchased mine from Joann's and the brand is Susan Bates but I can't find it online. I love this hook!)
+Tapestry or darning needle. I use this one and it works just fine. I like that the tip is angled as it helps me to pick up stitches easily to weave in my tails. If you have a different method to weave in your tails, you may stick with that!
+Plain ol' scissors


+Small laundry basket (if you don't have one, I wouldn't buy one unless you plan on making more tapestry crochet type things. We will only be working with 3 yarn balls at a time so as long as you having something to hold them, that's fine.)
+Yarn ball winder (I would only purchase this if you plan on making more tapestry crochet projects. Otherwise, you can totally use your hands to manually wind a center pull ball.)


If you don't have a Hobby Lobby near you, just get something of similar weight and size. The yarn I am using is 7 oz (or 199 grams) and is 355 yards (or 325 meters).

That's it! If you're a crocheter you probably have all of these items and just need some yarn. If that's the case, you should be able to make this blanket for around $16! Let me know if you have any question, otherwise, look out for the post with the first part of the blanket on Sunday!

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